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Our  Planning , Strategy, and Results  continues to bring Solutions to Our Clients.

Dynamis Solutions LLP 11-27-2021.jpg


  • Operations & Maintenance

  • Engineering Services

  • Agile development

  • Identity Management Support

  • Information Technologies Service Management

  • Mission Support

  • Cybersecurity

  • Enterprise Architecture 

Dynamis Solutions, LLP was established in 2021 by three veteran partners who have provided services to DoD (all five branches), Federal and State Governments and has teamed with large and small corporate organization.  Their accumulated experiences total more than 85 years of:

  • Total IT Infrastructure (security, cybersecurity, program and project management)

  • Telephony Infrastructure (enterprise architecture, engineering, telecommunications, audio/video)

  • Systems Development (operations & maintenance, agile development, identity management,   cybersecurity) 

Our commitment to our clients is an important part of our corporate philosophy and customer service package.  We make your job easier by providing a “full-service” operation with competent staff dedicated to quality, technical excellence, and service.  Our life-cycle approach to system and management requirements incorporates a “TEAM” effort to work with the client to produce quality products and services.

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